Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Columbus, OH

Implant supported dentures are designed if you are frustrated with the common issues associated with traditional dentures, such as slipping and shifting, general discomfort, and restricted diets. Unlike standard dentures, which just sit on the gums and are held in place with an adhesive, implanted supported dentures are anchored to your jawbone with tiny titanium posts that allow the implant supported dentures to snap into place and remain securely in place.

Implant supported dentures also provide you with the option of either keeping removable dentures that allow for nightly cleaning, or a fixed implant, which will effectively serve as permanent teeth. There are several different types of fixed restorations which can be supported by dental implants depending upon your specific desires, such as single implants, which is a crown that is used to replace a single tooth, bridges, and All-on-4 dental implants.

At East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry, our entire team loves helping you develop optimal oral health as well as a functional and healthy smile. Our team uses forward thinking treatments and state-of-the-art technology, to ensure the most comfortable treatment for you. Our practice focuses on delivering personal care and developing individual treatment plans based on your unique needs. We emphasize preventive care and patient education because we want you to understand why it is important to keep your mouth healthy and how to do it. We are located at 5180 E. Main St., Suite A, Columbus, OH, 43213. Please call us today at 614-864-2561 to establish an appointment for an evaluation of the benefits of implant supported dentures for you.

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Are You a Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures can be an appropriate solution for a wide range of patients. There are no age restrictions regarding having this procedure performed. There are certain restrictions for patients who have significant health issues, such as heart problems, with the surgical aspects required to perform this procedure. Implant supported dentures may also not be a viable option for you if you have insufficient jawbone mass. If you are suffering from the lack of jawbone density a bone graft is a viable option for you.

Several Benefits That You Can Expect

Your implant supported dentures will be far more stable and secure than traditional dentures. The titanium post secured in your jawbone acts like a natural root. It will not only deliver pressure sensations for when you bite and chew, but it will also deliver hot and cold sensations. You will find it much easier to speak and you will not have to worry about the denture becoming loose.

Proper Care for You Implant Supported Dentures

Much like your natural teeth, it is important that you continue to maintain good daily cleaning habits. It is important that you consistently remove the appliance to clean around the gums, artificial teeth, and the attachments. In addition to practicing your good self-care at home, it is also important that you continue scheduling regular exams every six months. During these routine checkups, we will conduct cleanings and monitor the overall state of your oral health, catching any issues before they develop. We will monitor how well your implants are fitting and take x-rays when needed to ensure that your attachments, abutments, and implants are still positioned correctly.

By maintaining these habits, you will prevent additional issues from developing in the future.

The Implant Supported Denture Process

The process of having implant supported dentures placed can be rather extensive. It will begin with an initial consultation, where East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry will review your medical and dental history, perform an oral examination, and take x-rays and scans as needed to determine if implant supported dentures will be appropriate for you.

After this has been determined, we will then perform an examination of your jawbone to ensure that the bone and structural integrity are strong enough to support an implant. If you are viable candidate for this procedure, the next step will be to surgically place a few tiny titanium posts into your jawbone. Titanium is preferred because it is the only metal that naturally integrates with the bone. Prior to implanting these posts, we will administer a local anesthetic. We also offer a variety of options for sedation, which includes local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and intravenous sedation. We will discuss these options prior to your procedure.

Next, we will implant the posts, which will be used to anchor your dentures. Following the placement of these posts, you will need several months to allow the titanium to integrate with your jawbone. During this healing process, we will provide you with a temporary set of dentures, which we will customize for your arch. Once you have fully healed from this process, you will return to the office, where your custom fabricated, implant supported dentures will be snapped or clipped on the dental implants. No more adhesive, no more slipping.


The Cost of Your Implant Supported Dentures

The cost of your treatment for your implant supported dentures will vary depending on your individual needs and your treatment plan. We will discuss with you the cost of your treatment and each of your available payment options before we begin, so that you can make the best choice for your situation.

Affordable Payment Plans

Your smile is an invaluable asset, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care when you need it. East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure that your coverage meets your needs and your budget.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage.

A Mission Statement YOU can Trust for High Quality Periodontal Care

The entire team at East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry is focused on providing you with excellence in periodontal and implant care in a concerned, caring, gentle, friendly, and relaxed environment.

Our philosophy of care is multidisciplinary, to create partnerships with your general dentist as well as other dental specialists and provide you with the most comprehensive treatment planning and care that is available today.

Our team believes that communication is crucial for both you and us, both in written documentation and verbal communication. Value-based decisions are at the cornerstone of our personalized treatment for you. We are located at 5180 E. Main St., Suite A, Columbus, OH, 43213. Please call us today at 614-864-2561 to establish an appointment that works for your schedule.