Deep Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Root Planing

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Scaling and Root Planing Columbus, OH

Deep teeth cleaning, scaling and root planing is often recommended if you are suffering from gum disease. Gum disease refers to a disease that infects the gums, which can result in gums that are bleeding or swollen. If left untreated long enough periodontal disease can result in the deterioration of the jawbone and the eventual loss of the tooth.

Your mouth is continually accumulating bacteria. These bacteria, if left alone for too long, can mineralize and begin to develop into plaque and tartar. Plaque can be removed through daily brushing and flossing, but when plaque has become tartar, you will need East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry to intervene to remove the advanced decay.

At East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry, our entire team loves helping you develop optimal oral health as well as a functional and healthy smile. Our team uses forward thinking treatments and state-of-the-art technology, to ensure the most comfortable treatment for you. Our practice focuses on delivering personal care and developing individual treatment plans based on your unique needs. We emphasize preventive care and patient education because we want you to understand why it is important to keep your mouth healthy and how to do it. We are located at 5180 E. Main St., Suite A, Columbus, OH, 43213. Please call us today at 614-864-2561 to establish an appointment for an evaluation of the benefits of a deep teeth cleaning, scaling and root planing procedure.

One of the best methods for addressing this periodontal disease is to remove the tartar through a process referred to as scaling. The scaling procedure involves our team using specialty tools that are designed to gently remove the tartar from your teeth without affecting the enamel. When this scaling is performed below the root line, this is referred to as planing.

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Treatment Benefits

There is a diverse range of benefits associated with having a scaling and root planing procedure. For example, scaling and root planing can:

  • Prevent Disease: Oral bacteria that lead to periodontal infections can travel through the bloodstream to other areas of your body. Periodontal bacteria such as this can lead to lung infections and heart disease. Procedures like scaling and root planing will remove these bacteria and impede the progression of periodontal disease, while preventing such bacteria from spreading through your body.
  • Provide Protection for your Teeth: Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. The risk for periodontal disease is greater if your gum pockets exceed a depth of 3mm. When these pockets get deeper, more dangerous bacteria colonies thrive in them. Tooth loss can occur if the chronic inflammatory response of the body is triggered and starts to destroy the gingival and bone tissue.
  • Improve Your Aesthetic Appearance: Scaling and root planing will remove any stains on your teeth because the process helps to remove any plaque below the gumline and on the teeth, giving you a whiter smile.
  • Improves Halitosis (bad breath): Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common sign of gum disease. A bad odor remains if food debris and bacteria are thriving in the oral cavity. Scaling and root planing are cleaning techniques that can correct halitosis and restore your good breath.

Deep Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Root Planing Process

After we complete an extensive examination to define your oral health, the scaling and root planing procedure can begin. A local anesthetic might be recommended depending on some factors like the current state of your gums, the amount of calculus or tartar on your teeth, the overall depth of the pockets, and the severity of your gum disease.

  • Scaling: During the scaling process, unique dental instruments will be used to perform scaling, sometimes including the use of an ultrasonic scaling tool. These tools will remove the tartar and plaque build-up from the surfaces of the crown, above and below the gumline. The bacteria carrying plaque is the source of your gum infection.
  • Root Planing: The root planing process involves decreasing cementum and dentin on the surface that is dense with unwanted microorganisms, toxins, and calculus. The tooth root is smoothed out to facilitate healing. The cleaner and smoother your root surfaces are, the less likely that bacteria will thrive there.

After you have undergone the deep cleaning processes, we may medicate your gum pockets with antibiotics. The antibiotics will help the gum tissues to heal faster and will sooth any discomfort you may be experiencing.

At your following appointment, our team will check to see how much progress your pockets have made on the road to healing by conducting a careful examination of your gums.

Post Procedure Care

The most important thing you can do following your deep teeth cleaning, scaling and root planing procedure is to continue to practice good oral hygiene habits. Brush your teeth twice daily and for at least two minutes each time and continue flossing regularly.

Along with these important at-home care practices, the best thing you can do to continue enjoying your healthy smile is to schedule regular visits every six months. During these routine checkups, East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry can conduct cleanings and monitor the overall state of your oral health, catching issues before they develop. By maintaining these habits, you will prevent additional issues from developing in the future.


The Cost of Your Deep Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Root Planing

The cost of your treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and your treatment plan. We will discuss with you the cost of your procedure and each of your available payment options before we begin, so that you can make the best choice for your situation.

Affordable Payment Plans

Your smile is an invaluable asset, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care when you need it. East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure that your coverage meets your needs and your budget.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage.

A Mission Statement YOU can Trust for High Quality Periodontal Care

The entire team at East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry is focused on providing you with excellence in periodontal and implant care in a concerned, caring, gentle, friendly, and relaxed environment.

Our philosophy of care is multidisciplinary, to create partnerships with your general dentist as well as other dental specialists and provide you with the most comprehensive treatment planning and care that is available today.

Our team believes that communication is crucial for both you and us, both in written documentation and verbal communication. Value-based decisions are at the cornerstone of our personalized treatment for you. We are located at 5180 E. Main St., Suite A, Columbus, OH, 43213. Please call us today at 614-864-2561 to establish an appointment that works for your schedule.