Gum Recession

Gum Recession

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Gum recession is an issue that is quite common and has many causes. Gum recession can develop from pockets forming between your teeth and gums due to repeated or regular gum infections, genetics, and prior orthodontic therapy. Gum recession can increase as infected or diseased gum tissue continues to die. The gum will eventually recede all the way to the root of the tooth when left untreated.

Gum recession often occurs slowly and over an extended period that you may not realize that there is a problem until it is reaching an advanced stage. Now the tooth root is exposed and susceptible to infection, decay, and deterioration. Untreated gum disease can also lead to jawbone deterioration and is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults. Untreated periodontal disease can also result in other associated health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

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The Symptoms of Gum Recession

Gum recession is difficult to self-diagnose in the earlier stages because the changes often occur asymptomatically and gradually.  Regular dental check-ups will help to prevent gum recession and help in assessing any risk factors.

The following symptoms may be indicative of gum recession:

  • Visible roots – This is one of the main characteristics of a more severe case of gum recession.
  • Sensitive teeth – When the gums recede enough to expose the cementum protecting the tooth root, the dentin tubules beneath will become more susceptible to external stimulation.
  • Longer-looking teeth – If you are experiencing gum recession, you may have a “toothy” smile. The length of the teeth is perfectly normal, but gum tissue has been lost, making the teeth appear longer.
  • Halitosis, inflammation, and bleeding – These symptoms are characteristic of gingivitis or periodontal disease. A bacterial infection causes the gums to recede from the teeth and may cause tooth loss if not treated promptly.

Gum Recession Risks

The tooth roots are softer than the enamel of the tooth crown and are more prone to erosion and more sensitive to heat, cold and sweets. They can also easily be damaged from bacteria, food acids and aggressive brushing. Teeth with exposed roots can eventually become so worn down that they loosen or fracture.

The Cost of Your Gum Recession Treatment

The cost of your gum recession treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and your treatment plan. We will discuss with you the cost of your treatment and each of your available payment options before we begin, so that you can make the best choice for your situation.

Common Causes of Gum Recession

There are a variety of factors that can play a role in the cause of gum recession, including the following:

  • Genetic Predisposition: Gum disease and gum recession are afflictions that may be the result of your genetics. You should try to learn as soon as possible if this is the case for you so you can take preventative measures to lessen the impacts and learn about available treatments and procedures that can help prevent or improve the damage caused by recession or disease.
  • Development of Periodontal Disease: Once bacteria begins to build-up along your gum line, it can immediately cause periodontal disease to develop. This will need to be treated as soon as possible, as it can cause excessive bleeding and plaque build-up below the gum line. If you have reached this stage of gum disease you will need to schedule an initial series of deep cleanings and regular checkups. Additionally, you may need to consider tissue and root therapy, or more intensive procedures to address the disease.
  • Malocclusion: This ailment is caused by the uneven alignment of teeth due to an incorrect bite. If you are suffering from malocclusion, you may notice excessive wear, tearing, and strain on your teeth and gums. If left untreated or uncorrected, your gums will eventually begin to recede. This can also result in bone loss, which in turn result in you losing a tooth or teeth.
  • Improper Tooth Brushing: A leading cause of gum recession is aggressive tooth brushing. Hard bristle toothbrushes or improper brushing techniques will damage the connective tissue along the gumline and cause your gums to recede. We recommend that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and learn the proper technique for brushing to avoid any gum damage.

Treatment of Gum Recession

Every case of gum recession will be slightly different, and therefore many treatments are available.  The nature of the problem which caused the recession will need to be addressed first.

If aggressive brushing techniques are eroding the gums, then a softer toothbrush and a gentler brushing technique should be used.  If poor oral hygiene is your problem, prophylaxis, or professional dental cleaning, may be recommended to clean the gum pockets of bacteria.  In the case of a severe calculus, tartar, build up, scaling and root planing will be performed to heal the gingival inflammation and to clean your teeth.

Once the initial cause of your gum recession has been addressed, surgery of a more cosmetic or restorative nature may be recommended by East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry.  Gum tissue regeneration and gum grafting are two excellent ways to restore the natural symmetry to the gums and make your smile look more aesthetically pleasing.

Affordable Payment Plans

Your smile is an invaluable asset, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care when you need it. East Columbus Periodontic and Implant Dentistry accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure that your coverage meets your needs and your budget.


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